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About Us

Adam Mervyn Jones is an experienced Australian seafarer based in Broome, North Western Australia. Over many years, he has been involved in volunteer coast guard rescue activities; the coastal shipping trade in North Queensland; LNG construction projects in Gladstone and Darwin, along with international shipping from North West Australia. He has worked as a crew on private and commercial vessels in tourism and commercial cargo operations for small and large companies.

He is passionate about working on the water and has a desire to share something he enjoys most with other people. In his leisure time, he enjoys wind surfing and sailing along the tropical coastline and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. He is an accomplished Divemaster with many dives completed locally in the Cairns area. He had sailed on many different boats, and it is no exaggeration to say the Ocean is his second home.

You will soon discover how approachable and genuine Adam is with his down to earth nature, because he strives for engaging other people with integrity and openness. You will find him as easily at home discussing both private yachting and large-scale shipping operations. Visitors from different countries and all walks of life will feel warmly welcomed by Adam and his team, and find individual services tailored especially to their needs.

Adam has an understanding of the different cultural expectations from overseas visitors, including providing language translation services and catering requirements for different people.

He is quite open-minded and genuinely curious about different cultures, and he is usually the person that takes the initiative to listen to other people’s needs and lend them a hand.

Our Commitment and Experience

Adam's work experience on the Great Barrier Reef includes coral viewing boats, snorkeling tours, scuba diving and helicopter tours, as well as commercial cargo operations.

Adam continually refreshes his marine qualifications by studying at the Australian Maritime College in the University of Tasmania and other renowned institutes. His in-depth knowledge of Tropical Queensland and Northern Australian, yachting, tourism operations and maritime logistics allows him and his dedicated team to advise you with confidence about your adventure at sea from the moment of your first enquiry.

You will have a well-prepared and neatly tailored experience discovering the most untamed landscapes that are full of surprises. When you book an adventure at sea with Reef Navigator, you will share in the magical underwater world which Adam enjoys both professionally and in his leisure time.